The Band

The band started in 2004 in Sonoma County, California. Now we play from San Francisco to Reno, Nevada.



"Craig's voice brings the sounds of Paul Rogers, Robert Plant, Geddy Lee and Phil Mogg to life in a way few vocalists can."

Craig Black AKA Mepps Wayhead started singing at age 12 in a school production of HAIR.

He founded Black Zeppelin in 2005. It was his dream to gather the best local rock musicians he could find, to create a band that specialized in the 70's and 80's hard rock genre.



Mikie Kovach

"An amazing guitarist to watch and listen to."

Mikie started playing guitar in 1968 at the age 13.

He has toured all over the USA with many bands including: Idah Seth, Dizzy Bitch, Lois Lane, The Jack and currently with Black Zeppelin, Floydian Slip and the Fossils.

Mikie plays Fender and Gibson guitars and uses Marshall amplifiers.


Adolph Almendariz

Adolph Almendariz started out playing guitar at age 9. He switched to Bass Guitar because he was influenced by the Beatles. He started with a little three-piece band at age 13.  That summer, 1969, he made money playing music for the first time, he was 18.

He met the Thomson brothers and played with them often. After working with the Thomson brothers he got in a pure heavy metal band called Oz.

Around 1979 he got back with the Thomson brothers. They were one of the first southern rock bands in town. They became quite popular fairly quickly because of the style of music.

Adolph then played around in a lot of bands including Excalibur / The other 3D / Tomm Katz / Horpon / and then ZZ chops with Black Zeppelin’s drummer Steven Venegas.

adolph 2
adolph 1.


Steven Venegas

Steven started playing drums at age 14 to the beats of Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Aerosmith and many more.

He has played in several classic rock bands including A Whole Lotta Zepp and ZZ Chops.

Steve was honored to play on many occasions with rock and roll hall of famer Jerry Martini of Sly and the Family Stone.

His influences include John Bonham, Alex Van Halen and Neal Peart.